are marie callender pot pies healthy

are marie callender pot pies healthy

Are Marie Callender Pot Pies Healthy?

Marie Callender’s frozen pot pies have a long-standing reputation as a comforting and flavor-packed frozen meal. While they may be convenient and tasty, are they a healthy food choice?

Nutrition Content

Marie Callender’s offers more than 20 varieties of pot pies. Each one is a possible source of calories, fat, and sodium, though exact nutritional values depend on the specific pot pie you choose.

Calories: Most Marie Callender’s pot pies provide around 360 to 470 calories per serving.

Fat: The total fat content varies from 16 to 29 grams per serving, with approximately 4 to 7 grams of saturated fat.

Sodium: The amount of sodium ranges from 580 to 820 milligrams per serving

How to Be Healthy with Pot Pies

If you’re searching for a healthier frozen meal, consider these tips before buying a Marie Callender’s pot pie:

  • Choose a vegetable-filled option. Pot pies filled with vegetables and lean proteins like chicken or turkey can be a better choice than ones with higher fat or sodium levels.
  • Check the label. Pay attention to the calorie, fat, and sodium content before committing to a pot pie.
  • Look for lower-fat choices. Low-fat versions of certain pot pies can reduce the fat content by up to 10 grams.

Bottom Line

Marie Callender’s pot pies can be hearty, tasty meals, but the calorie, fat, and sodium content varies widely. If you’re looking for a healthier pot pie, read the label and choose vegetable-filled and lower-fat options.