are terracotta pots good for pothos

are terracotta pots good for pothos

Are Terracotta Pots Good for Pothos?

Are you thinking about planting a pothos in a terracotta pot? Well, there are some things you should consider before doing so in order to ensure a happy, healthy plant.

Pros of Terracotta Pots for Pothos

Terracotta pots are a natural, breathable option for many plants, and the same is true for a pothos. They are:

  • Inexpensive to buy
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Provide good drainage for the plant

Cons of Terracotta Pots for Pothos

Despite their benefits, terracotta pots do have several drawbacks when used with pothos. These include:

  • They can dry out quickly, leading to dehydrated plants
  • Terracotta is fragile and can easily crack or break
  • The roots of the pothos can quickly outgrow the pot


Terracotta pots are an inexpensive and natural option for pothos. However, before using one, be sure that your plant has enough moisture, and that you can provide a larger pot if the roots start to outgrow the terracotta one.

Ultimately, while terracotta pots may not be the best choice for every pothos, if you make sure to provide enough water and remember to upgrade them as needed, they can still be a great option!