can i cook frozen chicken in a crock pot

can i cook frozen chicken in a crock pot

Can I Cook Frozen Chicken In A Crock Pot?

Cooking frozen chicken in a slow cooker, or crock pot, is an easy and delicious way to prepare this mainstay of many delicious meals. There are some important steps to take to ensure that the chicken is cooked safely and thoroughly.

Steps To Take When Cooking Frozen Chicken In a Crock Pot

  • Choose Low Cooking Time: To cook frozen chicken successfully in a slow cooker, it is important to choose a low setting. This allows ample time for the chicken to thaw and come up to a safe temperature, preventing food-borne illness. The ideal cooking time is 8-10 hours set on low heat.
  • Place In the Coldest Part of the Pot: Make sure to place the chicken pieces in the very center of the crock pot, as this is the coldest part of the pot. This ensures that thawing and cooking of the chicken is done as quickly as possible, enabling it to reach a safe temperature faster.
  • Check Temperature: Once the chicken is done cooking, use a digital thermometer to check the internal temperature. The chicken is safe to consume when it reaches a temperature of 165ºF.


Cooking frozen chicken in a crock pot is an easy and tasty way to prepare meals. But it is essential to take important steps to prevent food-borne illness. Choose a low setting, place the chicken pieces in the center of the pot, and check the internal temperature once cooking is complete. Enjoy your meal!