can i plant peonies in pots

can i plant peonies in pots

Planting peonies in pots

What is a peony?

A peony is a beautiful, deciduous, perennial flowering plant belonging to the family Paeoniaceae. It has large, impressive blooms and it can be both ornamental and medicinal. Peonies are native to Europe, Asia, Northern Africa and North America.

Can you plant peonies in pots?

Yes, you can certainly plant peonies in pots. Planting and caring for potted peonies is essentially the same as for those grown in the ground. Here are a few instructions on how to do that:

  • Choose a pot: make sure you select a pot that is wide enough to accommodate the roots of peonies and has enough drainage holes.
  • Provide adequate soil: you’ll need to use a quality potting mix, preferably one that’s rich in organic matter and well-drained.
  • Plant your peony: gently remove the potted peony from its container, and place the root ball in the center of the pot. Backfill the pot with the soil mix, and gently firm the soil around the roots.
  • Water the soil: water the soil until it is evenly moist, then allow it to drain for few minutes before placing the pot in an area that receives at least six hours of direct sunlight daily.
  • Fertilize the soil: use a fertilizer formulated for flowering plants at the start of the growing season.


Peonies are a beautiful, deciduous, perennial plant with large, showy flowers. They can be grown in pots, provided you use the right soil, pot size, and provide adequate sunlight and fertilization. With proper care, your potted peonies can provide you with many years of beautiful blooms.