can i use a moka pot on an electric stove

can i use a moka pot on an electric stove

Can I Use a Moka Pot on an Electric Stove?

The moka pot is a classic stovetop Italian coffee maker and is known for producing a rich, bold flavor. Due to its popularity, many wonder if they can use a moka pot on an electric stove. The answer is yes – a moka pot can be used on an electric stove – but there are a few things to consider before doing so.


Using a moka pot on an electric stove is possible, provided the pot meets certain requirements. Most electric stoves have a smaller electric connection, so it is important to make sure that the type of moka pot being used has a plug with compatible connections. This is usually stated in the instructions of the pot.

Safety Precautions

When using an electric stove, a few safety precautions should be taken. It is important to ensure that the connection is secure and that the outlet is working. Additionally, since electric stoves get hot when in use, it is recommended that potholders or gloves are worn when removing the pot from the burner.


Once the pot and burner meet all the requirements and safety precautions have been taken, the following steps can be followed to make a delicious cup of coffee with a moka pot on an electric stove:

  • Fill the bottom chamber with water up to the indicating line.
  • Fill the filter basket with ground coffee.
  • Screw the top and bottom chambers together.
  • Place the pot on the burner.
  • Turn on the burner and wait for the coffee to begin to flow out of the spout.
  • Once the coffee has finished pouring out, remove the moka pot from the burner.
  • Carefully pour the coffee into cups and enjoy.


A moka pot can be safely used on an electric stove, as long as the requirements are met and the proper safety precautions are taken. Using a moka pot is the perfect way to make a delicious cup of Italian espresso and can be easily done with just a few simple steps.