can i use potting soil in my garden

can i use potting soil in my garden

Can I Use Potting Soil in My Garden?

Potting soil is an artificial mixture of organic substances and inorganic substances used to grow plants in pots and other containers. But can potting soil be used in outdoor gardens?

Pros of Using Potting Soil in Garden

Potting soil is formulated to provide plants with the drainage and aeration they require to survive and thrive. When used in outdoor gardens, potting soil:

  • Nutrients – Potting soil usually contains added nutrients that can be beneficial to your garden plants, especially those that need extra fertilizer throughout the year.
  • Weed Control – Potting soil can make it harder for weeds to establish themselves in your garden.
  • Lightweight – This makes it easier to work with for project such as raised beds.

Cons of Using Potting Soil in Garden

Although potting soil has its advantages, there are drawbacks to using it in outdoor gardens, including:

  • Density – Potting soil can be dense and compact when compared with soil in garden beds.
  • Cost – It is much more expensive than garden soil which can make long-term projects costly.
  • Limited Nutrients – Potting soil is not designed to be a substitute for garden soil, meaning that it does not contain the full spectrum of nutrients to feed your plants adequately.


Although potting soil is a great option for container plants, it is not necessarily ideal for outdoor gardens. Its heavy density, excessive cost and limited nutrients can outweigh any potential benefits.

It is best to stick with quality garden soil for outdoor planting projects and use potting soil only for container plants.