can instant pots explode

can instant pots explode

Can Instant Pots Explode?

Instant Pots have become a beloved kitchen gadget for their time-saving convenience and their ability to cook much more than basic dishes. It can be natural to question whether or not they can explode, leading many to ask “can Instant Pots explode?”

Do Instant Pots Pose Any Risks?

Instant Pots use pressure caused by steam to cook food quickly. This creates a pressure-cooker environment that doesn’t reach the same temperature and pressure as, say, a pressure-cooker designed to can food. There are certain risks that come with using any pressurized vessel, though, which includes a risk of scalding food splashing out or a potential for explosions.

How to Properly Self-Regulate Your Instant Pot

While Instant Pots are designed to be an easy, safe way to cook food quickly, there are a few things you can do to ensure you get the maximum safety out of your device.

  • Follow directions. Make sure to read and follow the instruction manual that comes with your Instant Pot, and heed the warnings.
  • Release the pressure. After cooking, release the steam pressure by using the device’s quick-release valve. This will prevent pressure from building up.
  • Avoid heavy fluid items. Thick liquids like jam and tomato sauce often boil over, so they should be avoided when using an Instant Pot.

The Bottom Line

So, can Instant Pots explode? In short, no. As long as they are used and maintained in the way that has been set out in the instructions, Instant Pots should be perfectly safe to use in the kitchen.