can lilacs grow in pots

can lilacs grow in pots

Can Lilacs Grow in Pots?

The short answer is yes, lilacs can indeed grow in pots – even if they are not their preferred habit! But keep in mind, these plants do like to spread out and when planted in a pot, they may need a bit of extra care and attention compared to ones planted in the ground.

Why Grow Lilacs in Pots?

There a few reasons why one might want to grow lilacs in pots:

  • To save space: Potted lilacs are a great way to add color and fragrance to a small urban garden or patio.
  • For safety: Lilacs, with their long branches and woody stems, can be prone to damage from strong winds. Keeping them in pots can protect them from this.
  • For enhanced scent: The scent of lilacs can waft far and wide! Imagine the fragrance of a potted lilac bush right off the patio!

How to Grow Lilacs Successfully in Pots

Gardening with potted lilacs can be successful if the following steps are taken:

  • Choose the right pot: A pot that is 15-20 inches wide and deep is suitable for flowering shrubs like lilacs. Be sure to choose an unglazed pot as they allow soil to evaporate.
  • Use the right soil mix: A soil mix of one part peat moss and one part perlite is a great combination for lilacs. You may also need to add some fertilizer to the mix.
  • Keep them pruned: Lilacs tend to get leggy when grown in pots. To avoid this, make sure to regularly prune them back, especially after they’ve finished flowering.


Lilacs can make wonderful potted plants, adding a splash of color and scent to a patio or balcony. But keep in mind they require a bit more attention and care when grown in pots, including the right type of pot, soil mix and regular pruning. With the right combination, you can enjoy beautiful potted lilacs in your garden!