can morning glories grow in pots

can morning glories grow in pots

Growing Morning Glories in Pots

In a garden or on a balcony, morning glories promise spectacular, brightly-colored blooms in pink, blue, purple and white and are surprisingly easy to grow in pots.

Important Considerations

Morning glories thrive in full sunlight, so it is important to choose a pot that has good exposure. In cooler climates, afternoons may be too hot, so a morning aspect is preferable.

Preparing the Pot

The pot chosen should have plenty of drainage holes and good quality, fast-draining potting soil. Once the soil has been added, water the pot until it has been evenly soaked.

Planting the Morning Glories

Morning glories should be planted directly into the pot, making sure the root ball is covered properly and that the distance from the soil is ample.

Care and Maintenance

Once planted, the morning glories should be watered at least every other day to ensure the potting mix remains evenly damp throughout.


To ensure the health of the morning glories, it is best to fertilize the pot every two weeks.

Other Care Tips

  • Deadheading: Deadhead flowers as soon as they fade to encourage the plants to produce more blooms.
  • Trimming: Pinch off any side stems below the second set of leaves to promote bushy growth.
  • Staking: If necessary, use stakes to secure the plants to support their vines.

As long as they are provided with a sunny location and good potting soil, morning glories can thrive in pots in gardens and balconies. With proper care and maintenance, these showy flowering plants can provide abundant amounts of brightly-colored blooms for months.