can poppies grow in pots

can poppies grow in pots

Growing Poppies in Pots

Gardeners who want to grow poppies can do so in a pot. This is a great option for people who don’t have much outdoor space or who want to add a splash of colour to their patio or terrace. Here are the steps for successfully growing poppies in a pot:

1. Choose The Right Location

Poppies love the sun, so choose a sunny spot on your patio or deck. Depending on the variety, many poppies will tolerate a bit of shade.

2. Select The Right Variety Of Poppy

For growing in pots, choose a variety of poppy that is compact and has short stems, such as:

  • California Poppy: A great choice for adding some bright yellow or orange colour to your patio.
  • Oriental Poppy: Large red or pink flowers with crinkly petals.
  • Iceland Poppy: Grows in a cascading habit and has delicate white or bright yellow petals.

3. Get The Right Pot & Soil

Choose a pot that is wide rather than tall, with plenty of drainage holes at the bottom. Use a well-draining soil and avoid soils with added fertilizers.

4. Planting The Poppies

Poppies are best planted in the early spring, just after the last frost of the season. Sow the poppy seeds directly in the pot, spaced out by about 2–3 inches. If there is enough space, you can scatter a few more seeds around the pot to ensure a thicker display of flowers.

5. Care After Planting

Keep the soil lightly moist and place the pots in direct sunlight. If you are growing smaller varieties of poppies, a light fertilizing every few weeks may be beneficial.

6. Harvesting Poppies

Wait until the flowers fade to gather them. Cut them at the base of the stem with a pair of sharp scissors. Make sure not to water the flowers while they are in the vase, as this will make them spoil quickly.

Growing poppies in pots is a great way to enjoy these beautiful flowers without needing to dedicate a large garden space to them. By following these steps you can reap a vibrant display of poppies on your patio or deck.