can you bring a potted plant on a plane

can you bring a potted plant on a plane

Can I Bring a Potted Plant on a Plane?

Do you have a beloved houseplant that you don’t want to leave at home as you travel? You may be wondering, “Can I bring a potted plant on a plane?”

Yes, but with Considerations

Yes, you can bring a potted plant on a plane. However, you should be aware of a few considerations:

  • Weight: The airlines must adhere to weight restrictions, including the weight of your carry-on luggage. Be sure to know the maximum weight for your bag and pack accordingly.
  • Sizes: If the pot is too large to fit under the seat, it cannot be brought on the plane. The pot should be no larger than what is considered carry-on size.
  • Leakage: Make sure your plant is not dropping any leaking material into the plane. If it is leaking and staining any of the surfaces, your plant may be denied.

Tips for Bringing a Potted Plant on a Plane

If you are determined to bring your houseplant with you when you travel, here are some tips to make sure your beloved plant is not denied:

  • Tape a plastic bag around the bottom of the pot to avoid any leakage from the plane.
  • Choose a plant with a shallow pot that will easily fit under your seat.
  • Check with the airline before you book your flight to ensure that your specific plant is approved.
  • Wrap the plant in bubble wrap to protect it from jostling during the flight.

When properly packed and within the specifications of the airline, you can bring a potted plant on a plane. Before you venture out with your beloved houseplant, be sure to check the airlines for guidelines and restrictions. Safe travels!