can you can in an instant pot

can you can in an instant pot

Can You Can in an Instant Pot?

Canning is an age-old technique used to preserve food. But is canning in an Instant Pot possible? The answer is yes! Read on to learn more about how to can your food in an Instant Pot.

Pressure Canning

The first step to canning with an Instant Pot is to use the pressure canning method. Pressure canning is a type of canning that uses pressure to generate high temperatures to kill germs and bacteria. By using this method, you are able to ensure that your food is safe for extended periods of time.

Canning Basics

Before you can begin the canning process, there are few basics you’ll need to be aware of. Here is a quick rundown:

  • Equipment – You will need a preserving pan, canning jars with lids, a canning funnel, and jar lifters.
  • Preparation – Make sure you are working with clean equipment and that your work space is free from debris and other distractions.
  • Ingredients – You will need whatever ingredients are necessary for the recipe your are canning.

Canning Process

Once you have gathered all of the materials, you can begin the canning process with an Instant Pot. Below are the steps to follow for successful food canning:

  • 1. Begin by filling the preserving pan with water and bringing it to a boil.
  • 2. Prepare the food for canning according to the recipe instructions.
  • 3. Place the canning jars into the Instant Pot and secure the lid. Select the “Canning” setting.
  • 4. Allow the pressure to build inside the pot.
  • 5. Allow the food to cook for the designated time.
  • 6. Once the cooking time has elapsed, turn off the Instant Pot and open the lid.
  • 7. Carefully remove the canning jars and allow them to cool.
  • 8. Once the jars and lids have cooled, they are ready for storage.


Canning with an Instant Pot is a great way to preserve food that can last for up to a year or more. With this method, you can save money on the cost of canning supplies and free up valuable time. With these steps, you can begin canning with an Instant Pot today.