can you grow a lilac bush in a pot

can you grow a lilac bush in a pot

Growing a Lilac Bush in a Pot

If you wish to possess the beauty of spring-flowering shrubs, such as the fragrant lilac bush, lime containing a container version. Growing a lilac bush in a pot is easier than it looks. Here are the steps to follow for a healthy plant:

Choose the Right Pot

  • Choose a terracotta or clay pot. It is preferable since it’s breathable, so plants can extend the roots safely.
  • The pot should be a bit larger than the root system of the lilac bush.
  • Fill it with quality potting soil

Put the Lilac Bush in Position

  • Place the pot near a window that gets a lot of exposure to sunshine.
  • Avoid locations where cold winds or extreme temperatures can stir up.
  • If you don’t have a proper place, you can bring the pot indoors during winter.

Water the Plant Properly

  • In regular intervals, check the soil to understand if the plant requires water.
  • Ensure to keep the soil wet but not saturated.
  • The plant’s leaves should also remain moist throughout the season.

Provide Proper Fertilizer

  • You can use any liquid fertilizer for potted plants.
  • Apply fertilizer and water the plant alternately.

These are the basic steps to consider to grow a healthy lilac bush in a pot. Once your lilac starts growing, you can admire its beauty in early spring with its sweet fragrance in the air.