can you grow zinnias in pots

can you grow zinnias in pots

Growing Zinnias in Pots

Zinnia is a stunning flower that adds a vivid pop of color to any flower garden. But if you don’t have a space for a traditional flower bed, you can still enjoy the charm of zinnias by growing them in pots and containers. Here’s what you need to know about how to grow zinnias in containers.

Choosing Pots and Containers for Zinnias

Zinnias do best in a wide container with lots of drainage holes. Planters with several holes give the roots extra space to grow and help ensure that the roots have plenty of air and don’t get overly wet and soggy. Clay and terra cotta are good potting choices as they are porous, allowing excess moisture to evaporate.

Soil for Growing Zinnias

It’s important to use a good quality potting soil for your zinnia container. Choose a soil that is light and airy so that it drains quickly but is also nutrient-rich enough to feed your zinnias with the nutrition they need during each growing stage. Make sure to use soil that is free of weed seeds, so your zinnias don’t get overrun with other plants.

Planting & Care Tips

It is best to plant your zinnias in a spot that gets plenty of sunlight. Zinnias need up to eight hours of full sun to bloom properly. You can also protect the soil from drying out too quickly by mulching. You can opt for either organic mulch such as shredded bark or an inorganic material such as pea gravel.

Zinnias need regular watering to stay hydrated during the summer months. Check the soil often throughout the summer to ensure that it’s not too dry. During peak summer months, zinnias will need to be watered at least twice a week. Make sure the water drains out the bottom of the pot so it doesn’t cause root rot.

To keep your zinnias blooming for the entire season, be sure to deadhead them regularly to encourage more flowers. You can also fertilize them with a balanced fertilizer every 4–6 weeks for additional nutrients that will help keep them full and healthy.


Growing zinnias in containers is a great way to enjoy the beauty of this amazing flower without having a full flower garden. Just remember to choose the right type of pot, use quality soil, and keep up with regular watering and fertilizing. With the right care, you can enjoy the beauty of zinnias in a pot for months.