can you plant peonies in a pot

can you plant peonies in a pot

Can You Plant Peonies in a Pot?

Peonies are best known for their gorgeous blooms and wonderful scent but can you plant them in a pot? The answer is yes! Peonies make excellent container plants. Planting peonies in pots can also provide a larger variety of bloom options and more controlled growth.

Benefits of Planting Peonies in Pots

  • More Varieties: Peonies that thrive in colder climates often won’t do well in warmer climates. However, when grown in a pot, you can get around this limitation and bring these peonies to thrive in homes in warmer climates.
  • Less Winter Care: If you live in an area with cold winters, planting peonies in a pot give you the advantage of bringing the pot inside and keeping the soil warm during wintertime. This eliminates the need for winter maintenance.
  • Easier Division: If you want to divide your peony, doing so in a pot is much easier than having to dig up and create new individual sections in the ground.

Requirements for Planting Peonies in Pots

Now that you know the benefits of planting peonies in a pot, you may be wondering what the requirements for growing them in pots are.

  • High- Quality Soil: Peonies need a well-draining soil such as a combination of potting mix, perlite, and sand. To create the best environment for your peonies to thrive, it is important to use a high-quality soil.
  • Full Sun Exposure: Peonies need at least 6 hours of acidic sunlight per day so it is important to choose a spot with full sun exposure.
  • Proper Containers: Make sure to choose a container with adequate drainage holes to help water drain out properly, and one that is large enough for your peony’s roots to grow. A pot with a diameter of 18 inches and a depth of 15 inches should be enough for a single peony.


Planting peonies in pots can be a great way to bring beautiful blooms into your home as well as enjoy a wider variety of peonies. To ensure success, make sure you have the proper container, high-quality soil, and adequate sunlight. Whether you’re looking to add some blooming beauty to your patio or bring a wider variety of peonies, planting your peonies in a pot is a great choice.