can you plant squash in a pot

can you plant squash in a pot

How to Plant Squash in a Pot

Squash is a warm season vegetable, and one of the most popular vegetables to grow. Growing squash in a pot gives the same great tasting fruit, plus it is easy to manage and transport. Here are the steps to follow when planting squash in a pot:

Choose the Right Pot Size

Choosing the right pot size for your squash is very important for it’s health. A good rule of thumb is to use one pot that is at least 18-24 inches deep and 16-20 inches in diameter.

Prepare the Soil

Fill the pot with good quality potting mix, and mix in compost and fertilizer. This will provide the squash with the necessary nutrients for it to grow.

Plant the Squash

Carefully plant the squash in the pot, adding more soil as needed. Place the squash in the pot and gently press it into the dirt. Water the pot and wait for the squash to begin to sprout.

Fertilize and Water

Fertilize the squash every two weeks with a high quality fertilizer, and water the squash every day. Once the squash starts to grow, it will need more water.


Once the squash has grown to the desired size, you can harvest it by cutting it off the vine with a knife or pruning shears.

Growing squash in a pot is a great way to enjoy fresh and delicious squash without a large garden. By following the steps above, you can easily have a thriving squash plant in no time!