can you plug a crock pot into a car outlet

can you plug a crock pot into a car outlet

Can You Plug a Crock Pot into a Car Outlet?

Have you ever needed to cook something on the go and found yourself wondering, “Can I plug a crock pot into my car?” Generally speaking, the answer is no. Auto makers design their car outlets, also known as “cigarette lighters”, for devices like cell phone chargers, while crock pots require a different kind of power source.

Why a Car Outlet Isn’t Ideal for a Crock Pot

Car outlets output 12V of direct current (DC). This is great for items that require low voltages, such as MP3 players or cell phones. On the other hand, your crock pot likely needs 120 volts of alternating current (AC). That kind of power is unheard of in a car outlet.

Fortunately, there are ways around this obstacle. Some of the options available include:

  • Portable generators: Most allow you to plug your crock pot straight in. However, they require you to constantly refill their gas tank, and of course produce a lot of noise.
  • Inverters: Going this route means using an electrical device that converts DC into AC. However, inverters can be expensive, and if you don’t get the right size you can end up damaging your crock pot.

The Verdict

In conclusion, unfortunately you can’t plug a crock pot straight into your car outlet. There are workarounds, but they require additional financial investments and can be quite cumbersome. Your best bet is likely to stick with food you don’t need to cook for an extended period of time while you’re traveling.