do crock pots use a lot of electricity

do crock pots use a lot of electricity

Do Crock Pots Use A Lot of Electricity?

The crock pot has become a popular kitchen appliance. It is an easy and convenient cooking option that appeals to the busy lifestyle of modern times. But with all electrical appliances comes the question of how much electricity it uses. So, how much electricity does a crock pot use?

Calculating the Wattage of a Crock Pot

The best way to know how much electricity a crock pot uses is to check the wattage in the appliance’s manual. If you don’t know the wattage, you can estimate it by taking the voltage multiplied by the amperage. However, the wattage is usually listed in the appliance’s manual either way.

How Much Electricity Does a Crock Pot Use?

On average, a crock pot will consume anywhere from 100 to 200 watts. This wattage amount can vary depending on the size and heating element of the crock pot. It’s important to note that the wattage is the amount of power the appliance uses. It’s not the amount of energy/electricity it uses.

Does a Crock Pot Use A Lot Of Electricity?

No, a crock pot uses very little electricity compared to many other appliances. For example, a refrigerator uses between 300 and 1700 watts depending on size, while a standard clothes dryer can use up to 6000 watts. Thus, a crock pot uses a fraction of the power of other kitchen appliances, making it an economical choice.

Other Considerations

A crock pot usually runs on low for 8 or more hours, so the total amount of electricity it consumes is minimal. With this in mind, it’s best to make sure that your crock pot is insulated to reduce power consumption. Additionally, you should consider setting the setting to low or medium to save energy.


In conclusion, a crock pot uses very little electricity, and thus it is an economical kitchen appliance. However, it is important to find the wattage of your crock pot and to use an insulated device. Additionally, setting your crock pot to the low or medium setting can help conserve electricity.