do deer eat pot plants

do deer eat pot plants

Do Deer Eat Pot Plants?

Pot plants, also known as cannabis plants, are a popular choice for outdoor growing initiatives. But do deer eat pot plants?

The answer is, yes, in most cases deer will eat pot plants. Deer populations thrive in many climates, and gardeners with a backyard and patio may find that deer can meddle with their cannabis harvest.

However, there are several organic deterrents that gardeners can use to keep deer away from their pot plants.

Signs of Deer Eating Pot Plants

Common signs that wildlife is eating your pot plants include:

  • Leaves, stems, and buds covered in bite marks
  • Damaged parts of the plant lower to the ground
  • Deer droppings

If you spot any of these signs near your pot plants, the chances are that deer have been feasting on your crop.

Organic Deterrents

Fortunately, there are a few organic solutions that you can use to help keep deer away from your pot plants. Some of the most popular organic deterrents include:

  • Motion activated lights and sprinklers – Motion lights are a great deterrent as they frighten the deer away with bright flashes and loud noises.
  • Barrier Fencing – Providing a barrier between your pot plants and the deer is a great way to keep them away. An electric fence is a particularly effective option, as the electric shock will scare off the deer.
  • Deer Repellents – Spraying deer repellent around the pot plants will discourage the deer from eating the plants.


In conclusion, deer do eat pot plants, but there are various organic deterrants which can help protect your crop from deer. By taking the proper precautions, you can enjoy a plentiful harvest of healthy, delicious pot plants.