do monsteras like to be pot bound

do monsteras like to be pot bound

Are Monsteras Happy Being Pot Bound?

Monsteras, also known as Swiss cheese plants, are popular houseplants with their distinctive large, hole-filled leaves. They are known for being quite happy living in a pot. But do they really like being kept that way?

Benefits of Being Pot Bound

Being pot bound has some major benefits to the Monstera:

  • Access to nutrients: The soil around the roots still has lots of nutrients in it, so the Monstera doesn’t need to be repotted very often.
  • Protection from sunburn: Keeping the Monstera in a pot can provide better protection from sunburn and too much sunlight.
  • Stability: Living in a pot gives the Monstera more stability and makes it less likely to tip over when it gets tall.

Downsides of Pot Bound Monsteras

The downsides are few, but they can be significant if the Monstera is not given enough attention.

  • Roots can become compacted: The roots of the Monstera can become compacted over time if it is kept in the same pot without repotting.
  • Root rot can occur: Not getting enough water or the soil staying too wet can cause rot to occur, leading to the death of the plant.
  • Not enough space to grow: The leaves of a Monstera can get quite large, and staying in the same pot can limit the growth of the plant.


Monsteras usually do quite well when kept pot bound, as long as they are given the right amount of water, sunlight, and nutrients. But it is important to pay attention and make sure the roots are not becoming compacted or rotting, which can ultimately lead to the death of the plant.