do peonies do well in pots

do peonies do well in pots

Do Peonies Do Well in Pots?

Peonies are a classic garden flower with beautiful blossoms coming in a variety of colors. But you don’t need a sprawling garden to cultivate these luxurious blooms. The good news is peonies can be grown in pots, containers or planters and still offer stunning plant spectacles on patios, decks, and balconies.

Growing Peonies in Pots

The first thing to consider when growing peonies in containers is the size of your pot. Ideally, containers should have a 15-20 cm diameter and be at least 40 cm deep. Stoneware or terracotta pots are preferred since they are porous, and allow for proper drainage.

When selecting a potting soil for your peony, make sure it is well draining to avoid soggy soil conditions. Potting soil with organic matter and sand or perlite can be added in to improve drainage.

When selecting the peony plant itself, look for ones with a short, sturdy stem and green foliage. At least three eyes should be located at the top of the stem.

When it’s time to plant, position your peony in the center and pack dirt around the roots to keep it in place. Make sure the eyes are level with the rim and leave a few cm of space at the top of the pot to add extra soil once the plant has established.

Caring for Your Peony in a Pot

Peonies in containers must be watered thoroughly during the growing season to ensure ideal health and growth. Letting the soil dry out between waterings is important as well.

Fertilization should start immediately after planting and should be administered once or twice a year depending on the recommendations of your local nursery. Peonies also benefit from being pinched back during blooming season to encourage new side growth and a healthier overall bush.

Finally, when the cooler temperatures hit, move your peonies indoors to ensure they survive the winter and can effortlessly return in the summer.


With the proper care, peonies can flourish in pots, containers or planters as long as they are given the essential elements they need. Here are the main steps for success in potting your peony:

  • Right Size Pot: 15-20 cm diameter and at least 40 cm deep.
  • Well Draining Soil: Potting soil with organic matter and sand or perlite to improve drainage.
  • Right Plant: Short, sturdy stems with three eyes.
  • Water and Fertilize: Adequately water and fertilize once or twice a year.
  • Keep Indoors During Cold Temperatures: Move the pots indoors for the winter to ensure their survival.

Following these steps will help you cultivate a stunning peony plant in a pot for years to come.