do you eat pot belly pigs

do you eat pot belly pigs

Are Pot Belly Pigs Edible?

Pot belly pigs are popular pets and are kept all over the world. But are pot belly pigs edible?

Yes, They are Edible But Rarely Done

Pot bellied pigs are, in fact, edible. Depending on where you live, pork from pot belly pigs is sometimes available in specialty stores. Pot bellied pork, however, can be tough and has a strong flavor, so it’s rarely eaten.

Risks of Eating Pot Belly Pork

Pot bellied pigs can contain parasites, so when consuming pot bellied pork, it’s important to ensure that it is appropriately cleansed and cooked. Eating pot belly pork that has not been properly prepared could lead to illness.

Alternatives to Eating Pot Belly Pigs

Rather than eat pot bellied pigs, most people prefer to keep them as pets. Some pot bellied pigs are kept as show animals and some pig owners even enter their pigs in competitions. Pot belly pigs can also be trained to do tricks like fetching and going up ramps.


Pot bellied pigs are edible, though pork from these pigs is rarely eaten. Eating pot bellied pork can be risky, as it could contain parasites, and therefore needs to be properly prepared. Most people opt to keep pot bellied pigs as pets, rather than eat them, and these pigs can be taught to do tricks.

In conclusion, pot belly pigs are edible, but due to their tough texture and strong flavor, they are not commonly eaten. The risks of consuming pot bellied pork are too great, so most people prefer to keep them as pets.