do you have to use trivet in instant pot

do you have to use trivet in instant pot

What is a Trivet?

A trivet is a cooking tool that is used to provide a stable, elevated surface to cook food on. It is most commonly used when making dishes in a pressure cooker or instant pot. Trivets are made from heat-safe materials such as metal, plastic, or wood. Some instant pots come with a trivet included, but you can also purchase them separately.

Do You Have To Use A Trivet In An Instant Pot?

No, you do not have to use a trivet in an instant pot. However, there are several advantages to using one. Here are a few of them:

1. Prevents Food From Burning

Using a trivet prevents food from burning since it keeps the food from being in direct contact with the heat source. This is especially helpful when cooking at a high heat or for longer cooking times.

2. Raises Food Above The Liquid

When cooking in an instant pot, you often need to add liquid. A trivet can be used to raise food above this liquid, which helps it cook evenly and prevents the food from being boiled or steamed.

3. Easily Removable

A trivet is easily removable, which makes it simple to lift food out of the pot when it is done cooking. This prevents you from having to worry about spilling hot liquid when lifting food out.


Using a trivet in an instant pot is not mandatory, but it does provide a few advantages. By raising food above the liquid, preventing it from burning, and making it easy to remove from the pot, a trivet can help you make the perfect dish every time.