how big of a pot for a money tree

how big of a pot for a money tree

The Money Tree Pot and How Big it Should Be

Money trees are a great way to bring wealth, luck, and prosperity into your space. They are traditionally given as gifts, but some people may want to bring one into their home on their own. Before bringing your money tree home, it’s important to know the basics of taking care of one, including the proper pot size.

What Is the Ideal Pot Size?

The ideal pot size is dependent on the size of the money tree. Generally, a pot should be no more than two inches larger than the size of the money tree’s rootball. For example, if your money tree is a foot tall, the pot should be no larger than 14 inches in diameter.

What Types of Pots Can I Use?

Money trees look great in both clay and ceramic pots. However, clay pots will require more frequent watering because they are more absorbent and dry out quicker. It’s important to make sure the pot has enough drainage holes to prevent water from pooling and root rot. Ceramic pots may be the better choice for money trees because of their less absorbent material which helps to retain more moisture in the soil.

Additional Tips for the Pot

When picking a pot, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Choose a pot with a slight taper or texture. A taper or texture slows down the drainage of water and keeps the soil moist for longer.
  • Consider the color. A light color reflects the sunlight and doesn’t get as hot as a dark color. This will help prevent the soil from drying out too fast.
  • Make sure you have enough space. Make sure the pot is large enough to allow room for the tree to grow.


The ideal pot size for a money tree is dependent on the size of the tree’s rootball, but typically you should opt for a pot 2 inches larger than the rootball. You can choose either a ceramic or clay pot, however, ceramic pots may be better for retaining moisture. Additionally, you should keep the pot’s taper and color in mind as well as make sure that you have enough room for the tree to grow. With the right care, your money tree will bring wealth, luck, and prosperity into your space.