how do you say pot in spanish

how do you say pot in spanish

How to Say “Pot” in Spanish

Learning how to say everyday words in a new language is an important part of becoming fluent. Knowing the Spanish equivalents of common English words is especially useful for those who are learning the language or regularly interact with Spanish-speaking individuals. So, what is the Spanish word for “pot”?

What is the Spanish Word for “Pot”?

The Spanish translation for the word “pot” is olla. This word typically refers to a type of pot used for cooking on a stovetop. These kitchen utensils are usually made of metal, ceramic, or terracotta and are often round in shape with a lid.

Other Spanish Words Which May Mean “Pot”

Although olla is the most commonly used Spanish word for “pot”, there are other words one could use in certain contexts. Here are some alternative Spanish words which are sometimes used instead of olla:

  • caldero
  • cazo
  • cazuela
  • olla de presión

Note that some of these words may have slightly different connotations. For instance, cazuela is often used to refer to a deep, wide pot which is usually made of clay and is traditionally used to cook stews or grains.

So, How Do You Say “Pot” in Spanish?

The conventional Spanish word for “pot” is olla. Other words such as caldero, cazo, and cazuela may be used in certain contexts. All of these words refer to a type of cooking utensil which is used to prepare food.