how does smudge pot work

how does smudge pot work

What is a Smudge Pot?

A Smudge Pot is a portable heater used to keep warm a small area such as a greenhouse, or an outdoor patio. They are also used during cold snaps or a cold season to protect fruit trees, vines, and other outdoor plants from frost.

How Does Smudge Pot Work?

Smudge pots are powered by kerosene, propane, or diesel fuel. They have a reservoir where fuel is stored, and a fuel line that leads to a single burner that is lit. The heat and light generated by the burning fuel are then emitted through a circular dish-shaped hood-like structure that is set in the centre of the pot. When lit, the smoke and heat from the burning fuel rise up and out of the chimney stack above, creating an inescapable pocket of warmth that protects the area from frost and cold temperature.

Benefits of Using Smudge Pot

Using a Smudge Pot offers many benefits:

  • Cheap & Efficient: Smudge Pots are a cheap and effective way to keep warm a small area with minimal effort.
  • Protection: Smudge Pots will protect plants from frost and harsh cold temperatures during cold snaps.
  • Portability: Smudge Pots can be easily moved from one area to another and do not need to be wired in.


Smudge Pot is a great option for anyone wanting to protect their plants from frost and cold temperatures during cold snaps. They are efficient, easy to use, and very cost-effective. With a Smudge Pot, outdoor and indoor plants will stay healthy and safe from harsh winter weather.