how many cilantro plants per pot

how many cilantro plants per pot

How Many Cilantro Plants Per Pot?

Growing cilantro in containers is becoming a popular way to enjoy fresh, organic herbs in your own home. Keeping in mind the size and spacing of cilantro plants, you’ll need to understand how many to put in each pot or container.

Container Size Matters

When planting cilantro, the size of the pot or container will determine the number of plants that will fit and thrive. Cilantro likes to be grown in groups rather than alone, so multiple plants can be planted in each pot. A rule of thumb is one cilantro plant per 6-7 inches of pot diameter.

Spacing Requirements

Cilantro plants need plenty of room to spread and grow. When they’re planted too close together, they don’t have adequate space to access water and nutrition. The same rule of thumb applies when determining how far apart to plant cilantro in each pot – about 6-7 inches for each plant.

Small Containers

In a small pot with a diameter of 10-12 inches, you could expect to have enough space for 2-3 cilantro plants comfortably. An even smaller pot, 6-7 inches, will hold 1 single cilantro plant.

Medium Containers

For a medium-sized container, one with a diameter between 12-16 inches, you can comfortably fit 3-5 cilantro plants.

Large Containers

For a large container with a diameter of 18 inches or more, you’ll have enough space for 4-8 cilantro plants, depending on the size of the pot and how large you want the cilantro to grow.

Planting Tips for Cilantro

  • Opt for soil enriched with organic matter to help ensure the best nutrition for your cilantro plants.
  • Spread an inch of mulch around the cilantro plants to help conserve soil moisture.
  • Water regularly and deeply, especially during hot, dry spells. This will help prevent your cilantro from wilting or bolting.

By understanding the size, space requirements and tips for planting cilantro, you can easily determine how many cilantro plants to put in each pot or container.