how many cubic feet in 50 quarts of potting soil

how many cubic feet in 50 quarts of potting soil

How Many Cubic Feet in 50 Quarts of Potting Soil?

Potting soil is an essential ingredient for home gardening, as it has the right blend of ingredients to provide moisture, nutrition, and protection for a variety of plants. But ever wondered: “How much soil do I need for my project?”

Understanding Quarts and Cubic Feet

A quart is a unit of volume used in the United States to measure liquid; whereas, cubic feet is the volume of an object or space, defined as the volume of a cube measuring one foot on each side. Converting from quarts to cubic feet is a bit more intricate.

Calculating Cubic Feet

To answer the question of “How many cubic feet in 50 quarts of potting soil?”, we need to make a few calculations. The first step is to determine how many quarts in a cubic foot of potting soil. The quantity of soil per cubic foot depends on the soil blend. The majority of potting soil bags suggest 5-6 quarts of soil per cubic foot; therefore, using 6 quarts to a cubic foot, 50 quarts of potting soil can be converted into 8.33 cubic feet.

Using Cubic Feet as a Measure

Knowing the amount of soil needed in cubic feet is an essential tool when making a garden bed, window box, flower pot, or raised planter. Understanding how many cubic feet are in 50 quarts of potting soil will help you determine the size of the project or container.

Factors to Consider in Estimating Volume

Volume and weight vary from bag to bag, so it’s important to consider the following factors when estimating the volume of soil needed:

  • The type of soil (standard, enriched, organic, etc.)
  • How heavily the soil is packed
  • The size of the container or the dimensions of the raised bed


Knowing the volume of soil needed for a project is key to a successful garden. One cubic foot of potting soil is approximately equivalent to 6 quarts. Therefore, 50 quarts of potting soil is equivalent to 8.33 cubic feet. This is a general estimation and may vary depending on the type and quality of soil used.