how many gallons in a 12 inch pot

how many gallons in a 12 inch pot

How Many Gallons Are In A 12 Inch Pot?

A 12 inch pot can be a difficult size to accurately measure, as it can vary by the material and type of pot.

Typically, Here is What You Should Expect:

  • Terracotta Terracotta: About 4.8 gallons to 5.2 gallons.
  • Rubber Pot: About 7 gallons to 8 gallons.
  • Plastic Pot: Sizes vary, but you can expect between 2.5 gallons to 3.5 gallons.

It’s important to note that the sizes may differ based on the brand or type of pot. Always measure the exact dimensions of the pot before filling it.

Measuring The Pot

If you’re not certain of the exact dimensions of your pot, it’s best to measure before you purchase it. Plastic pots often have marks indicating the capacity in gallons, and terracotta pots typically don’t.

To measure the capacity of the pot you will need to mark the sides of the pot with a permanent marker. Then, fill the pot with 1 gallon of water and mark the second side of the pot. The distance between the two marks will give you a good indicator of the capacity of the pot.


When figuring out how many gallons are in a 12 inch pot, it’s best to always take measurements to ensure an accurate result. Terracotta pots typically range from 4.8 gallons to 5.2 gallons, rubber pots range from 7 gallons to 8 gallons, and plastic pots range from 2.5 gallons to 3.5 gallons.