how many instant pots have exploded

how many instant pots have exploded

How Many Instant Pots Have Exploded?

Instant pots are becoming increasingly popular in homes across the world, allowing for faster cooking times and high pressure cooking to create delicious and healthy meals.

However, a common question on the lips of many cooks is “How many Instant Pots have exploded?”

What is an Explosion?

An explosion is a sudden and violent release of energy, usually accompanied by the rapid release of steam and hot liquids. Instant pots can experience explosions when the pressure builds up too high due to blockages or when the pressure valve is not correctly opened.

How Common are Exploding Instant Pots?

Exploding Instant Pots are rare, and there are reports of only a handful of cases. Most of these cases involve a lack of correct pressure valve functioning or a clog in the safety valve.

However, as Instant Pots become increasingly popular, more reports are starting to come in from users who have experienced exploding Instant Pots.

What are the Safety Precautions?

To help prevent an exploding Instant Pot in your own kitchen, it is important to follow the safety instructions included with the device. Here are some tips for avoiding an explosion:

  • Read the instructions carefully – Read all instructions carefully before using an Instant Pot, and if you’re unsure of anything, seek further advice.
  • Check the Pressure Valve – Before using the Instant Pot, always check the pressure valve is set correctly and that it is not clogged with food.
  • Do not overfill – To avoid pressure build up, never overfill the Instant Pot, and ensure that the insert is two thirds full.
  • Know when to Open – The key to avoiding an explosion is to make sure that the Instant Pot is opened only when the pressure has returned to zero

What to do if your Instant Pot Explodes?

If your Instant Pot does explode, the first thing you should do is turn off the power and carefully move the Instant Pot away to a safe location.

It is important to never open the Instant Pot immediately, as this can cause further damage. Instead, allow the pressure to reduce and the food to cool down before safely opening the lid.


Exploding Instant Pots are very rare, but it is important to take all safety precautions when using one. Following the safety instructions and only opening the lid when the pressure has returned to zero is the best way to avoid an accident.