how many ounces in 12 cup coffee pot

how many ounces in 12 cup coffee pot

12 Cup Coffee Pot – How Many Ounces?

Do you have a 12-cup coffee pot but aren’t sure how many ounces of water are recommended? This article will quickly explain everything you need to know about measuring the number of ounces of water for your coffeemaker.

How Many Ounces in a 12 Cup Coffee Pot?

For a 12-cup coffee pot, 72 ounces of total water is recommended. Since one cup is equal to 8 ounces, you should fill the water reservoir at the back of your coffee maker with up to 72 ounces of water.

Factors to Consider

Before you begin pouring your water, there are a few factors to consider before watering your 12 cup pot. When measuring out your water, you should remember to:

  • Consider the type of coffee – if you’re using an especially strong blend, it’s likely that you’ll need a bit more water to bring out its full flavor.
  • Take in account the brewing temperature – if your water is too hot or too cool, it can affect the flavor of the coffee.
  • Check the instructions – you should always consult the instructions that came with your specific model of coffeemaker for any measurements related to usage.


A 12-cup coffee pot usually requires 72 ounces of water, which is equivalent to 9 cups. Before you add your water, just make sure to follow the instructions for your model and consider the factors outlined above. Now you can confidently measure the right amount of water required for your 12-cup coffee pot!