how many thyme seeds per pot

how many thyme seeds per pot

How many Thyme Seeds per Pot?

Thyme is a popular herb that is used in many recipes, adding flavor and nutrition. But to get the most out of your thyme plant, it’s important to know how many seeds to plant in each pot.

Planting thyme

The most important factor when planting thyme is to use fresh, high-quality seeds. Old or poor-quality seeds may not germinate evenly, resulting in lower yields.

What size pot?

The size of the pot you use will determine how many seeds you need to plant. A 4-inch pot requires 8-10 seeds, a 6-inch pot requires 10-12 seeds, and an 8-inch pot requires 12-15 seeds.

Planting depth

The amount of soil covering the seed plays an important role in germination. Generally, seeds should be planted 1/4 inch deep. Press the soil down firmly with your hands to ensure good contact with the seeds.


Thyme seeds require consistent moisture to germinate. Water the soil until evenly damp, but not soggy. Keep the soil moist throughout the germination process, which may take several weeks.


Thyme can be harvested once the plant has established itself in the soil. To harvest, simply pull off the leaves you need for cooking, or cut off the whole stem and store in a container with a lid.

Tips for Growing Thyme

  • Take care when planting: Plant thyme seeds only as deeply as recommended, and ensure they are planted in moist soil.
  • Sunlight: Thyme enjoys full sun, but will tolerate partial shade such as afternoon shade.
  • Watering: Keep the soil moist throughout the germination process, and ensure plants are watered regularly during the summer months.
  • Fertilizing: Thyme does not require fertilizer, but supplement occasionally with a light compost or manure tea.

Growing thyme is easy and rewarding. Taking a few moments to plan your planting strategy will ensure your thyme is a bountiful and flavorful addition to your cooking.