how many wave petunias per pot

how many wave petunias per pot

How Many Wave Petunias per Pot?

Wave petunias are among the most popular flowering annuals available, due to their vibrant colors and long blooming season. But when it comes to potting petunias, there’s more to consider than just how pretty they look. Knowing the ideal number of petunias per pot is important for their well-being and helps ensure a healthy, long-lasting bloom.

Picking a Pot

When selecting a pot, it’s important to pick one with enough room to accommodate the number of plants without overcrowding them. For a pot with a 10-inch diameter, it’s suggested to plant no more than 3 petunias.

Choosing a Filler Material

When it comes to filling the pot, the goal is finding material to both support the petunias and provide nutrients and moisture. Generally, a good quality commercial potting soil is recommended.

Plants per Pot

A single Wave petunia will typically have a spread of 18 inches, so it’s important to leave enough room for the plants to grow. For a pot with a 10-inch diameter, it’s suggested to plant no more than three petunias. For a 12-inch pot, you can plant up to four, and for a 20-inch pot, no more than six petunias.

How to Plant the Petunias

Once you’ve selected and filled your pot, planting the petuna is relatively simple. Here’s exactly what you need to do:

  • Remove the petuna from its plant container.
  • Hold the root ball in one hand and loosen the roots gently with your other hand.
  • Plant the petuna at the same depth as in the container.
  • Gently tamp the soil around the roots of the petuna for support.
  • Water thoroughly.

Given adequate care, these Wave petunias should last the entire season, with a bloom that’s sure to brighten any garden.