how much coffee for a 12 cup pot

how much coffee for a 12 cup pot

How much Coffee Grounds for a 12-cup Pot

A 12 cup pot is the standard for many coffee lovers, but the size of coffee grounds to add can vary. Here’s how much ground coffee you’ll need when using a 12 cup coffee maker.

General Guidelines

  • Use 6 ounces of ground coffee for a 12-cup pot.
  • If you like a stronger cup of coffee add an extra ounce or two.
  • If you prefer a milder brew, reduce the amount of grounds.

Choosing a Coffee Grind

Using the proper grind is essential for achieving balanced flavor when making coffee with a 12-cup pot. Coarse grounds are the best choice for a 12-cup pot.

  • For a better extraction and full bodied cup of coffee use coarse grinds.
  • Using a finer grind will produce stronger flavors with possible over extraction.

These are a few basic guidelines to help you get the best cup of coffee out of your 12-cup pot. The best way to determine the perfect amount of coffee grounds to use is to experiment. With a little practice, you’ll soon have a great cup of coffee.