how much is hot pot per person

how much is hot pot per person

How Much Does Hot Pot Cost Per Person?

Hot pot is a popular Chinese dish, where a simmering pot of broth is placed in the center of the table and, diners add their own food, be it meat, seafood, vegetables, or tofu. The result can be a delicious, communal dining experience. So, how much does hot pot cost per person?

Prices and Costs

Hot pot restaurants typically charge a construction fee, either per person or based on the size of the party, and the price can range from $4 to $12 per person. This fee covers the use of the hot pot, the cooking utensils, side dishes, and soup base.

In addition to the construction fee, diners must also pay for the ingredients they add to their hot pot. Depending on the ingredients, the cost of these can range from around $5 to $30 per person. Diners can also choose to split the cost of ingredients between them, or everyone can pay their own way.

In Closing

Altogether, the cost of hot pot per person can vary widely depending on the ingredients chosen. Nonetheless, hot pot is a great way to have a communal, affordable dining experience with friends and family.

In summary, here are the average hot pot costs per person:

  • Construction Fee: $4 to $12
  • Ingredients: $5 to $30
  • Total Cost: $9 to $42