how often to water jalapeno plants in pots

how often to water jalapeno plants in pots

Watering Your Jalapeno Plants Growing in Pots

Jalapenos love warm, sunny places and growing these in a container is a great way to ensure they get enough sun and heat. Here are some tips to make sure your jalapenos stay healthy in the pot:

Watering Frequency

Jalapeno plants need lots of water, especially during the flowering and fruiting stage. For best results, water your plants:

  • Everyday – Check everyday if your jalapenos are dry and need water.
  • Twice a week – In dry or hot environments, water your plants twice a week.
  • Add a few inches of top soil – When growing in containers, adding topsoil helps to keep the moisture for longer.

Fertilizer Usage

Jalapenos are heavy feeders and will need to be fertilized weekly, using a balanced fertilizer like 10-10-10.

For best results, only fertilize your plants when they are actively growing and stop fertilizing when they start to produce their fruit.


Watering your jalapeno plants correctly is key to a successful harvest. Water your plants every day during the growing season and get the best out of your jalapenos!