how often to water outdoor potted plants in winter

how often to water outdoor potted plants in winter

How often to water outdoor potted plants in winter?

When it comes to winter-proofing outdoor potted plants, landscapers should remember one of the most important things: proper watering. But how often should you water your plants in the colder months of the year? Here are a few key reminders:

Defer to the Plant

The best indicator of when and how much to water your plants is the plant itself. Check the soil beneath the surface and, if it feels slightly moist to the touch, wait until it starts to dry out before you water again. You can also weigh the pot – if it’s significantly lighter, that may also indicate the need to water the plant.

Don’t Overwater

Since winter typically brings colder temperatures and less light, it’s important to not overwater outdoor potted plants. Doing so can interfere with the soil’s oxygen and nutrient exchange, making it difficult for your plants to access the resources they need.

Watering Tips

Here are a few tips for how to water your outdoor potted plants in winter:

  • Water them when the soil needs it – pay attention to the soil and look for signs that it’s starting to dry out.
  • Don’t overwater – too much water will cause the soil to become waterlogged, inhibiting the plant’s growth.
  • Water slowly and evenly – this helps the water reach the plant’s roots and ensures that all of the soil is moistened.
  • Use lukewarm water – cold water can shock the delicate root system of the plant.
  • Be consistent – figure out a watering schedule and stick to it.

Overall, watering your outdoor potted plants in winter is essential, but it’s important to be careful not to overwater them. By keeping an eye on the soil and using the tips above, you can ensure your plants stay healthy and strong throughout the cold months of the year.