how to age terracotta pots

how to age terracotta pots

How to Age Terracotta Pots

Ageing terracotta pots is a fun way to make your garden look vintage and beautiful. That’s why this guide will explain how it’s done so that you can transform your own terracotta pots.

What You Need

• Terracotta Pot

• Paint of Your Choice

• Various Brushes

• Water

• Acrylic Sealer (Optional)

Steps To Follow

  1. Clean the Pot – When you’ve selected the pot you’d like to age, begin by cleaning it with soap and water to remove dust, bugs, and soil. This will help the paint to stick to the pot.
  2. Add Your Base Coat – Now that your pot is dry, it’s time to add your base coat of paint. This can be any color you’d like, but you might consider a neutral shade to better allow for an aged look. Apply the paint with a brush and let it dry until it’s no longer tacky to the touch.
  3. Add Finishing Touches – Now that the base coat is dry, it’s time for the fun part. You can add paint splotches, drips, and swirls wherever you like. You may also want to draw lines along t he pot with a toothpick, to add a distressed texture. Allow the pot to dry before you handle it.
  4. Seal the Pot – You may wish to seal your pot with an acrylic or Polycrylic sealer. This will help to protect the paint from the elements. Apply a thin layer and let the pot dry before handling.


• Use a sponge brush for a unique texture.

• Consider adding charms or picture frames to your pot for a unique look.

• If the pot is glazed, you may need to sand the surface first.

Ageing terracotta pots is a great way to enhance your garden with a vintage aesthetic. With this guide, you’ll be well on your way. So get to it and enjoy transforming your terracotta pots!