how to care for marigolds in pots

how to care for marigolds in pots

Caring for Marigolds in Pots

Marigolds are cheerful and vibrant flowers that offer an array of colors for the garden or the home. Growing them in pots gives you a degree of control over their environment. Here are some tips on how to properly care for and maintain marigolds in pots:


  • Warmth: Marigolds prefer lots of sun and warmth, so the best spot for them is a south-facing window or a veranda.
  • Distance: Place your potted marigolds at least 25 cm away from any other plants so they can receive enough air and sunlight.


  • Mixtures: Make your own soil mixture that’s suited for marigolds. Mix together soil, compost, and sand for optimal drainage.
  • pH: The pH of the soil should not exceed 7. Soil that’s too alkaline will affect the growth of the flowers.


  • It’s important to fertilize your marigolds regularly; once every two weeks is ideal. Use a liquid fertilizer that’s designed for potted plants.
  • Water the soil before and after adding the fertilizer, as dry soil can damage the marigolds.


  • Check the soil every day and water the flowers when the soil is half dry. Overwatering can cause root rot,
  • Gently spray the plants with a spray bottle to avoid dislodging the soil.


When given the right care and attention, marigolds in pots can thrive into stunning flowers that are great to look at and fun to maintain. Make sure to give them the right amount of warmth, light, soil, fertilizer, and water to keep them looking their best.