how to care for vinca in pots

how to care for vinca in pots

Caring for Vinca in Pots

Vinca, also known as Periwinkle, is a desirable flowering plant. Its vines provide greenery and flowers in varying shades of pink, purple, blue, or white, making it a desirable houseplant. When grown in pots, there are a few important steps to keep it healthy.


When potting Vinca, choose a pot that is large enough to hold the roots comfortably. The pot should have good drainage and be deep enough to avoid displacing the soil when watering. Make sure to use a quality potting soil with a combination of organic matter and mineral content.

Light Requirements

Vinca prefers a bright, indirect light or partial shade when growing in a pot. If possible, move the pot outdoors during the hottest part of the day to give the plant plenty of full, indirect sunlight.


Water when the top one to two inches of soil is dry. Make sure to water the soil well to avoid stagnant water in the pot. Check the pot every few days by hand or with a moisture meter to make sure the roots aren’t sitting in excess moisture.


Apply a diluted liquid fertilizer every month to give Vinca the essential nutrients it needs.


Vinca can become unruly if it isn’t pruned often. Cut off any brown or limp foliage and cut the rest of the stems from the main stem after it has grown and became bushy.

Common Problems

Vinca is susceptible to various issues, including mildew, aphids, and root rot. If the plant becomes infected, use a natural remedy or insecticide.

Tips for Caring for Vinca in Pots

  • Make sure the pot has good drainage to avoid root rot.
  • Position the pot in bright, indirect light or partial shade.
  • Water the soil when its top inch or two are dry.
  • Apply diluted liquid fertilizer every few weeks.
  • Prune the plant often to control its growth.
  • Treat any issues with natural remedies or insecticides.

Caring for Vinca in pots requires little maintenance and is easy to do with a bit of patience. With the right potting, water, and pruning techniques to follow, Vinca can thrive in any indoor environment.