how to cook corn on cob in crock pot

how to cook corn on cob in crock pot

How to Cook Corn on Cob in Crock Pot

Cooking corn on the cob is a delicious way to enjoy your favorite summer vegetable all year round. You may be surprised to learn that corn can also be cooked in a crock pot. Here’s a quick and easy guide on how to cook corn on the cob in a crock pot.


  • Corn on the cob (1 cob per person)
  • Butter, to taste
  • Salt and pepper, to taste


  • Wash the corn cobs and remove the husks and silks.
  • Cut the corn into pieces (about 2 to 3 inches each).
  • Place the cob pieces in the crock pot.
  • Add enough water to cover the corn and set the crock pot to low heat.
  • Cook for 3-4 hours or until the corn is tender.
  • Add butter, salt, and pepper, to taste.
  • Serve hot and enjoy!

Once your corn on the cob is finished cooking in the crock pot, it’s ready to eat. Enjoy the delicious flavor of freshly cooked corn on the cob any time of the year with this easy and convenient method of cooking. Bon appétit!