how to cut bok choy for hot pot

how to cut bok choy for hot pot

How to Cut Bok Choy for Hot Pot

What You’ll Need

  • 1 Bok Choy
  • Chopping Knife
  • Cutting Board


  1. Carefully rinse the bok choy under running water, scrubbing it lightly to remove dirt and debris.
  2. Lay the bok choy out on a cutting board. Lay the bok choy on its side and use a chopping knife to cut it into thick slices, beginning from the midrib and slicing downwards.
  3. Turn the bok choy over on the opposite side and slice downwards again. Repeat this process until you have chopped the bok choy into thick slices.
  4. Rinse the bok choy slices in cold water and drain them well.
  5. Grab four bok choy slices together and, using the chopping knife, slice the bok choy into thin slices. Be careful not to cut yourself.
  6. Repeat this step until all the bok choy slices are cut. Add the prepared bok choy to your hot pot.


  • Cutting the bok choy into thin slices, rather than cubes, ensures the bok choy will be cooked through quickly and evenly in the hot pot.
  • You can also cut the bok choy into cubes if you prefer.