how to draw a witches pot

how to draw a witches pot

Learning How to Draw a Witch’s Pot

Drawing a witch’s pot is a great way to get practice with basic shapes and adding details for a specific effect. Drawing a pot can range from simple to complex, so start with the basics and let your creativity flow.

Step 1: Draw the Basic Outline

  1. Start by drawing a large oval with a jagged edge. This will form the basin of the pot.
  2. Add a sort of ‘V’ shape at the top for the pot’s lid.
  3. Add a long curved line at the bottom, starting at the edge of the basin and extending a bit.
  4. Connect the curve to the right side of the basin, forming the pot’s handle.

Step 2: Add Details

  1. Draw flames around the edges of the lid.
  2. Next, draw lines along the pot’s handle. They should go outward, away from the pot.
  3. Draw symbols such as small stars and spirals around the flames.
  4. Finally, draw a skull or a black cat near the top of the pot.

Step 3: Refine Your Drawing

Now that you have your drawing’s basic shape and details, it’s time to refine it. Add shading and shadows to add more dimension to the pot. You can also draw a few more details such as buttons or lines on the lid to add texture.

Step 4: Color the Pot

  1. Start by coloring the pot with a deep, dark color such as black or purple.
  2. Now, color in the flames and the symbols with bright colors such as yellow, red, and orange.
  3. Once the colors are complete, you can add a few highlights with white paint or crayon.


Drawing a witch’s pot is a great way to practice basic shapes and adding details. By starting with the basics and letting your creativity flow, you can easily create a charming and unique pot. Don’t forget to add color to complete your design!