how to freeze pot roast

how to freeze pot roast

How to Freeze Pot Roast

Freezing a pot roast is a great way to stretch leftovers and make sure your food is not going to waste. Here are the steps to freeze your pot roast:


  • Prepare the Roast – Slice the pot roast into desired portions for quick thawing. Place each portion on a separate piece of parchment paper.
  • Wrap and Seal – Using the parchment paper, wrap each piece of roast tightly and seal. You can also use tin foil or a Ziploc bag.
  • Cut Air – Cut any extra air between the wrapped roast and the parchment paper or foil, in order to reduce the amount of space occupied.
  • Label and Freeze – Label each wrap or bag with the date you wrapped and froze it. Place in the freezer for use later.


  • It is best to freeze the pot roast within 3 days after it was bought.
  • You can wrap larger portions of pot roast and divide it later when thawing.
  • Allow for the roast to completely thaw before using it. This ensures that the roast will be thawed evenly and will retain its flavor and texture.

Freezing pot roast is an easy way to stretch your food waste and make sure you do not waste it. Follow the steps outlined above and you can have pot roast for days to come.