how to get cracked pot in pokemon sword

how to get cracked pot in pokemon sword

How to Get Cracked Pot in Pokemon Sword

Cracked Pots are an important resource in Pokemon Sword. The pots contain valuable items, such as Bottle Caps, Special Trades, and Evolution Stones. Here’s how to get them:

Obtain from Digging Ma

The Digging Ma is located in the Wild Area. To access Digging Ma, you need to purchase a Cracked Pot ticket from the small cart that is located on Route 5. After you purchase the ticket, the Digging Ma is ready to dig!

Locations in Wild Area

Cracked Pots can be found in different locations in the Wild Area. Here are some of the locations where you can find them:

  • Giant’s Bed – in the tall grass located in the northern section of the Wild Area.
  • East Lake Axewell – towards the east side of the lake.
  • Stony Wilderness – in the forest area near the green electricity spot.
  • Giant’s Mirror – located in the Northwest corner of the Wild Area.

Pick Up With BuzzNav

The BuzzNav app can also be used to pick up Cracked Pots. You can find BuzzNav in the Wild Area and rotate the map. Look for the white arrows on the map and follow them to pick up Cracked Pots.

You can also receive Cracked Pots as rewards, by completing various missions and tasks in the game. Keep your eyes open for these rare items and make sure to grab them when you find them!


Cracked Pots are a valuable resource in Pokemon Sword. They can be obtained by purchasing tickets from the Digging Ma in the Wild Area, or by searching specific locations. You can also use the BuzzNav app to pick them up, and you may even receive them as rewards from completing missions and tasks. Make sure to grab Cracked Pots whenever you see them, as they are a valuable resource!