how to get potara awakening medals

how to get potara awakening medals

Getting Potara Awakening Medals

The Potara Awakening Medals are a special item which can be obtained in the mobile game, Dragon Ball Legends. These medals are used to help players awaken their characters and unlock special skills and abilities. Here is how to get them:

Complete Quests

Quests are a great way to get Potara Awakening Medals. Each quest offers a chance at getting one or more Potara Awakening Medals, depending on how well you perform. To access quests, go to the Home menu and select the Quests icon.

Collect Zeni and Steel

Collect Zeni and Steel in the game and these will provide random rewards which include Potara Awakening Medals. You can collect these from missions, challenges, or daily missions.

Other Methods

  • Complete in-game Events and Tournaments: These will reward you with Potara Awakening Medals depending on your performance.
  • Purchase from the Store: You can purchase Potara Awakening Medals from the store using Zeni.
  • Gift from friends: You can send friendship gifts to your friends who can then return the favour.
  • Complete Tutorials: Completing game tutorials will reward you with Potara Awakening Medals.

Follow these steps to get Potara Awakening Medals and awaken your characters in Dragon Ball Legends.