how to get potara in dbz kakarot

how to get potara in dbz kakarot

Obtaining Potara in DBZ Kakarot

Potara earrings were introduced in Dragon Ball Z series, as an iconic symbol of unity between two warriors. In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, a role-playing game set in the DBZ universe, the Potara earrings offer exceptional power and abilities. Here’s how you can get your hands on these valuable items.

How to Find Potara

  • Completing Story Quests: Potara can be acquired by progressing through Story Quests, and doing specific Side Quests. Every now and then, you’ll receive Potara as a reward.
  • Parallel Quests: Parallel Quests are available to fight against powerful enemies. Defeating certain enemies may reward you with Potara.
  • Giant Bosses: Giant Bosses are bigger and more powerful versions of regular bosses. If you manage to defeat one, it may drop Potara.
  • Exchanging Points: You can get Potara by exchanging points at the Z-Store. You can earn Z-Points through various activities in-game, and spend them to acquire Potara.
  • Community Board Challenges: Participate in Community Board Challenges and get Potara if you finish them.
  • Performances: Simultaneously perform combos with allies to get a performance bonus. The bonus may include Potara.


Potara earrings offer immense power and abilities in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. While they’re hard to come by, they’re worth the effort. Follow the tips provided above to obtain the special item.