how to get the pot helmet in elden ring

how to get the pot helmet in elden ring

How to Get the Pot Helmet in Elden Ring

The Pot Helmet, a piece of protective headgear found in the upcoming action role-playing game Elden Ring, is coveted by many. This helmet offers a special bonus to its wearer, granting a 20% increase in defense when in any occupied region. However, there is one key problem: obtaining it can be a daunting task. With some patience, though, you can acquire the coveted Pot Helmet.

Step 1: Find and Defeat All Five Helms

The Pot Helmet is a reward for defeating all five of the game’s Helms. These enemies are scattered throughout the game world, and they can rise to great heights. Even the most experienced player may have difficulty taking them down, so prepare for a significant challenge.

Step 2: Obtain the Five Nipples

Once all five Helms have been defeated, you will need to obtain the five Nipples associated with them. These are special items that can only be found by speaking to certain NPCs, or by completing special sidequests. Keep your eyes open, as the Nipples can be hard to find.

Step 3: Assemble the Five Nipples

Once all five Nipples have been obtained, the next step is to assemble them. This can be done by using an anvil located in the same location as the Helms. When the Nipples are assembled, a special button will appear which can be used to merge them together into the coveted Pot Helmet.

Step 4: Equip the Pot Helmet and Enjoy!

The Pot Helmet is now yours! Equip it to gain the special bonus offered by this powerful piece of headgear. With its active defense boost of 20%, it is sure to give you an edge in combat.

Tips for Getting the Pot Helmet

  • Keep looking around: NPCs in certain locations may have further information about Nipples and how to get them.
  • Gather allies: Assembling the Nipples requires an anvil. Consider gathering some allies who can lend a hand in locating one.
  • Save your progress: Be sure to save your game frequently as you go, as there will be times when you cannot immediately continue your quest.

This is all you need to know to get the Pot Helmet in Elden Ring. With some patience and diligence, you can obtain this powerful piece of protective gear to give you the edge in combat!