how to grow raspberries in pots

how to grow raspberries in pots

Growing Raspberries in Pots

Planting Raspberries in Pots

Gardening in pots are becoming increasingly popular due to the wonderful variety of plants that can be grown in a confined space. Raspberries are an ideal choice for a pot-grown crop. Porous pots such as terra-cotta or large plastic containers should be used, and need to be of 3-5 gallons capacity.

The Media

The soil needs to be a light mix of equal parts of peat moss, compost, and a fine grade of vermiculite. Put some gravel at the bottom of the pot and then the soil mix. If your soil is very heavy, you should add some compost and sand to lighten it.

The Raspberry Types

You can choose from primocane or floricane varieties; Primocanes will bear fruit on the growth of the same season, and floricanes will produce the following season.

  • Primocane Varieties – Polka, Allen, Glen Moy, Glen Ample
  • Floricane Varieties – Heritage, Caroline, Glen Prosen, August Red

Care and Maintenance

Fill the container with the soil mix and add well-rotted manure or fertilizer. Water regularly; water should be applied at least twice a week during dry periods.

Prune the dead shoots and keep the area free of weeds. Pinch out any laterals that form too early. If you prefer, you can also mulch around the base of the plant – this helps to retain moisture.

Fertilizer should be applied during the summer months and late winter. Be sure to not use strong chemical fertilizers as it could damage the plant.

Harvesting Raspberries

The fruit should be picked when they are just ripe by gently pulling them away from the plant. Enjoy your wonderfully sweet, delicious raspberries!


Raspberries are an easy crop to grow in a pot and you’ll be assured of a superb crop of delicious fruit. With adequate care, you should be able to enjoy a bumper crop of raspberries for many years to come.