how to heat a fondue pot

how to heat a fondue pot

How to Heat a Fondue Pot

Perfect for entertaining, fondue pots are increasingly popular as a fun and interactive meal choice. But heating one up doesn’t need to be difficult. Here’s how to heat a fondue pot without any hassle.

Step #1: Choose the Right Fondue Fuel

Fondue sets are often heated by candles, Sterno or an electrical heater—so you’ll need to choose the right fuel for your fondue pot. Note that this should always take place outdoors—especially if you’re using Sterno cans, as can be very dangerous if used inside.

Step #2: Preparing the Fondue Pot

Once you’ve selected the desired fuel, it’s time to prepare the fondue pot. First, fill it with the desired liquid—generally, around 2/3 full. Then, set up the heating source underneath the pot, making sure there is a layer of aluminum foil in between the heat source and the pot.

Step #3: Heat the Fondue

Now, it’s time to start heating the fondue. Ensure all safety precautions have been taken for your chosen fuel, and begin heating the fondue pot. Here are some tips to ensure optimal heating:

  • Candles: Extra protection from drafts can be provided by lining the outside of the pot with tin foil and placing the candles around the perimeter.
  • Sterno: Place the fuel source closely underneath the fondue pot and close the lid to trap the heat.
  • Electric: Electric fondue pots are typically the easiest as all you need to do is plug it in and adjust the setting using the temperature dial.

Step #4: Test and Serve

Once the fondue has reached the desired temperature (check the label of your fondue set for correct temperatures), it’s time to enjoy! Serve with your desired dippers and enjoy.

That’s it—4 simple steps for heating up a fondue pot without any fuss. Now it’s time to gather up some friends, light up the fondue pot, and have a good time!